In Kyrgyzstan, especially in larger cities, pollution created from day-to-day disposable products is a growing problem. The ladies at the public fund “Together Against Cancer” have come up with a solution to tackle two problems at the same time. When you purchase one of their handcrafted “Eco-bags,” you are helping, not only, to reduce waste and pollution, but also supporting women with cancer.

Their products include Eco tote bags, cereal bags, cosmetic bags, and washcloths, all made by the women who receive support from the fund. All of the products are made from natural flax, cotton, and velvet. The price of the products range from 250 to 1500 soms and the bags will serve their owner for a long time.

Shayyr Sagynbayeva, head of “Together Against Cancer” and the sewing school, says that the main goal of the fund is to give the recipients the opportunity of hope and companionship.

"A woman should not be left alone in the fight against this difficult disease. We do not allow her to remain alone. With the money earned from selling our Eco-bags, we help the women pay for their surgeries and chemotherapy. Additionally, we sew hearts for oncology patients, and collect, restore, and distribute gently-used wigs to cancer patients,”says Shayyr.

She asks that any women who have unused wigs at home donate them to the Together Against Cancer Foundation.

"One of the worst things that happens after chemotherapy is the hair loss. It makes many women depressed. It is very important to support them at this time and show each woman, even now, she has not ceased to be beautiful and feminine."

The fund currently supports 82 women. Unfortunately, not all of them can sew due to the severity of their illness. Nevertheless, the other participants regularly replenish the assortment of the store. The women of “Together Against Cancer” take both retail and wholesale orders.